Receivables Management

Receivables can be strong assets when properly managed. As your company observes accounts that are remaining unpaid beyond an acceptable limit, take action by submitting them to the Hinsdale Law Firm for aggressive professional handling.

Successful collection depends upon timely appropriate action. In some instances, contact from a local law firm representing your company will obtain payment. In other instances a lawsuit is necessary, as well as judgement enforcement afterwards. Our office personnel are prepared to effect all necessary steps quite rapidly and efficiently so as to obtain the best possible result.

We evaluate each account we receive on an individual basis, and quickly report the estimated probability of collection depending on the account debtor's circumstances as well as we can determine them. We use such means as written and telephone contacts, entity research, and searches for recorded security interests and even Bankruptcy records. With this background information, we are then able to give a recommendation for action which will range from inmmediate suit to a tax write-off. Typically we will send this recommendation to you within two to three weeks after the date we received the account.

Our office handles commericial collections and judgment enforcement. We offer more than 25 years of experience in these areas.